Dave Tolchinsky’s Email Announcing the Plus-Ups

Date: March 30, 2016

Dear Execs of Inspire, Studio 22, Multicultural Collective, and NUWFA,

Thanks everyone on the feedback on MAG. Very helpful. Representatives from the student group funding committee and MAG committee met and have made the following nuances/changes outlined in the attached MAG procedures, looking forward to the spring and next year. As always, we’re all trying to make the best, fairest process possible.

Note the part about “plus’ing up MAG grants” in order to incentivize possible partnerships between your group and MAG applicants and/or MAG recipients. We believe MAG applicants/recipients will want to partner with you based on your expertise and perspective of your group/producing services, but we also have heard your concerns that that might not be enough in the short run. Anyway, the MAG process continues to evolve and we continue to collectively respond to the request for no student-to-student direct funding.

So the student group funding committee is ready to earmark $1000 now for you to “plus up” up to $500/project – either applying WITH a student to MAG for the May 16 cycle as outlined below OR approaching MAG recipients during the Oct 1 (or thereabouts) pitch session, after MAG has distributed its grants from the May 16 cycle. Note: this is seen as a session for each group to pitch itself to the MAG recipients and explain the advantages of the partnership for MAG grantees: your leadership expertise, your experience and perspective, support in finding crew, and the prospect of up to $500.00 additional budget.

The student group funding committee will send out a call for your regular annual funding (including all your activities besides productions, administrative costs, and possible additional “plus up” money for the winter cycle, etc.) early in the fall quarter. All such funding will be contingent upon the good administrative health of your group, your budget, and the appropriateness of its proposed activities. But again, we want to get you the $1000 now so you can cycle into the May 16 application period.

Note: you don’t have to plus-up MAG grant projects in order to serve as the executive producing unit. Your internal process is your internal process. However, you cannot fund student productions outside the MAG process; and the maximum additional amount you can offer any individual MAG grantee is $500.00. And we ask that you don’t sponsor a free-standing non-MAG project.

Again, please let us know if you are interested in receiving funding that allows you to plus-up budgets for MAG grantee projects. At this point, we are offering $1000; but you may request additional “plus-up” funds in the fall as part of your annual budget.

Looking forward to the next round of excellent media projects coming out of RTF!

On behalf of Assoc Chair Bill Bleich and the RTF faculty,

Dave Tolchinsky

Chairman, RTF