Add Your Voice

We are mounting a letter-writing campaign for alumni and current students.

What we’re looking for: Letters should be in response to the MAG controversy at Northwestern University. (See this page for an overview.)

The campaign seeks writing in three broad categories:

1. Angry Missives

For alumni looking to vent, and for student voices struggling to be heard. Tell the department what you think, how you feel, why you’re frustrated, and what you want.

2. Modest Proposals

For the brainstormers and problem-solvers: help the URSA-led campaign for devising an alternative to the funding structure by sharing your own crackpot theories and brilliant solutions.

3. Personal Stories

What did the Northwestern student film scene mean to you? How did it shape your college experience, your career, your life? We want to help people outside of the community understand what’s really at stake.

Letters can combine any of these elements or disregard them entirely. These are just prompts, not strict guidelines.

What to do:

You are, of course, free to write the department on your own at any time. But if you’re interested in being part of the coordinated response by alumni and students, we ask that you email us your letter via our contact page.

Here’s a sample letter written by the director of the campaign. We will post more as we receive them.

The fine print:

  • No word limit. Keep writing until you get it all out.
  • If you write one and then feel like writing another, go ahead.
  • Your letters may be forceful and pointed, but must be respectful. We reserve the right to reject any letters for any reason.
  • We accept submissions in any format, though we prefer Word documents or text in the body of the email.
  • By submitting to the campaign, you are granting us permission to freely use what you send us, i.e. publishing it in whole or in part, and quoting you in our own writing.
  • We may clean up your typos and do minor formatting (like boldfacing, italics, hyperlinks), but we won’t otherwise edit your writing without your permission.
  • We recommend you sign your name, class year, and location. Current students who fear reprisal from the department can request anonymity or publish under a pseudonym, but please let us know who you are so we know where the letter’s coming from.
  • Any questions? Feel free to write us via the contact page.