I am alarmed that the Northwestern RTVF department has made deep cuts to the production budgets of its student organizations and has effectively assumed full control over which film projects get made on campus.

I believe “the Northwestern way” is to allow student organizations the freedom to choose their own projects and pursue their vision with minimal interference or intervention by the faculty.

I therefore support the student-led effort to devise an alternative to the current production process, as well as the alumni campaign to advocate for their efforts, and I stand in solidarity with their collective demand that the department must adopt serious, mutually agreed-upon reforms no later than the start of the next fiscal year, September 1, 2017.


Malcolm Gray C’08
Sarah Klein
Jen O’Leary (RTVF ’09)
AJ Strauman
Leo Koesterer
Adam Bertocci
Maggie Edinger
Kathy Del Beccaro
Jackie Doherty ’07
Mike Cavalier, RTVF 2006
Max Baird, RTVF ’14
Tim Reilly
Emerie Whitman-Allen Lukas
Maxwell Saines
Katie Isaacson
Marion Hill, RTVF ’16
Taylor Cleland
Anthony Williams
Joe Filipas, RTVF 2006
Catherine Merlo RTVF 2013
Christopher Wickman
Sarah Hayden, RTVF 2008
Jeremy Le, RTVF 2016
Dan Siegel, RTVF 2010
Taylor Barrett WCAS ’12
Mark Mavrothalasitis
Stephen Ling
Max Pachman, RTVF 2008
Liam Feroli – RTVF Class of 2017
Danielle Calvert
stacy moon, rtvf 2013
Divya Pathak
Madison Berry, RTVF 2014
Patrick Wilkinson
Madison Ginsberg 2015
Rachel Jones, class of 2014
Thomas Hinds
Rachel Pologe
Thomas Molash, ’18
Mia Zanzucchi
Joy Kim
San Lee
Jack Birdsall
Jody Bailet
Gu Hyun Jung
Ursula Ellis
Michael Fuchs (RTVF 2007)
Lauren Thomas
Rachel Silverstein
David Chacon, ’18
Hannah Schiller
Noah Kudman
Sam Spahn, RTVF ’16
Nate Pence, RTVF ’03
Cameron Shaw (RTVF ’05)
June Nho Ivers (Class of ’01)
Hailey Eber
Patrick Ramsey Vukovich
Amanda Dunlap
Matthew Wilkinson, CAS ’98
Lindsay Woods (’99)
Jeff Harper
Stephanie Hill, RTVF 2013
Shatoria Lunsford
Adam J Schwartz, RTVF ’01
Dan Williams WCAS ’04
Madeline Higgins
Erin Manning ’17
Jason Chiu
Gabrielle (Aiuto) McCaig, RTVF ’08
Mike Sippel ’05
Sarah Lowe
Hayley Schilling
Alex H Liu, RTVF ’11
cassi saari
Elliott Hornsby (RTVF ’16)
Laurel Cohen
Will Beckley, RTVF ’04
Allison A Wierema
Molly Lyons SoC ’11
Allison Rymer
Cecile-Anne Sison, class of 2000
Alex Schwarm
Jon Fraaza
Devon Kerr ’18
Michael Rogerson
Emily Greenberg Hogan, RTVF ’03
Nathan Johnson
Anneliese Sloves
Anna Christopher
Stephen Deline (RTVF ’04)
Jackie Laine 2008

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Petition closed on February 8, 2017.